SPARK Flossie Pack Center for Lifelong Learning

Stay Cool during June!


Fascinating Classes for Curious People.


Cool Classes for Summer!

June brings warmer weather and the need for indoor activities.  UMKC affiliate SPARK Flossie Pack Center for Lifelong Learning provides noncredit classes at 4825 Troost with the option to join via Zoom for many of the offerings.  This summer’s line up includes something for everyone!

Some of the classes include:

In addition to classes at 4825 Troost, you can choose to participate in tours, book/social clubs and a class held at the Diastoles Scholar Center near Hospital Hill which includes live cello music.

Join us for fun and learning without tests and interesting homework! 

Learn more about SPARK!

 Ready to enroll and see the other Summer Options? Visit or call (816) 235-2870.


More about our Tai Chi Classes.

Instructor Sarah Stanmorr, a retired nurse, is certified in Tai Chi for arthritis.  This safe, effective evidence-based program was designed by Dr. Paul Lam in conjunction with a team of medical experts. It has gained in popularity due to an increase in studies showing its benefits for anyone looking to improve balance and mobility. 

A member of SPARK who attended the Tai Chi for Beginners class  said, “The instructor is friendly, easy to follow and works effectively with those who need to adjust the moves to fit their physical needs.  This is a very good choice for people who want to practice a gentle and effective exercise system.”

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