Illuminated Manuscripts and the Irish Book of Kells In Person Only (Wed, 10/26 AM)

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Wednesday, October 26  (1 week week 6) | 10:00 am – 11:30 am

IN-PERSON only  (Not on ZOOM)

The illuminated manuscripts produced by the monk-scribes in Northern England and Ireland were masterpieces of both religious and artistic achievement during the Middle Ages.  This presentation is an introduction to an art form not widely known.


Class Fee:  $5



Presenter:  L.D. Herman studied architecture at the University of Kansas and spent a career in construction of commercial buildings.  Throughout his career he painted; drew in pencil, pen and ink; and used computer drawing systems.  Now retired, he continues to paint in the studio and outdoor (en plein air) landscapes.  He became fascinated with the work of these Celtic scribes’ illustrated copies of scriptures and will present an introduction to the art form.


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