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Post Colonial Asia – China’s Foreign Policy Part 1 with Carol McCavitt – Recording Fall 2020

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This semester we’ll zero in on China’s relationship with the rest of the world.  First we’ll examine China’s relations with Taiwan by reviewing the latest election results and assessing the status of the one-country-two- systems blueprint to unite the nation.  Next we’ll study China’s foreign policy with nearby North & South Korea, Japan, the Philippines and Southeast Asia.  Then, by following the routes of the Belt & Road Initiative to Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Russia, we’ll examine China’s long-term ambitions in those regions.  And finally, we’ll conclude our study of China by analyzing the current status of relations with the United States.

 Instructor:  Carol McCavitt has been teaching for SPARK since 2009.  Before moving to Kansas City, Carol was a high school teacher on Long Island, where she taught Advanced Placement European History for 20 years.  Educated as an undergraduate at SUNY at Stony Brook, Carol completed her Master’s Degree at Queens College in NYC and did her doctoral work at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh.


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