SPARK Flossie Pack Center for Lifelong Learning

Find Your People and Your Passion

Affiliate of University of Missouri—Kansas City (UMKC) since 1997.


The SPARK Flossie Pack Center for Lifelong Learning has been offering  non-credit classes, tours and lectures since 1993 and on the campus of UMKC since 1997.  We are a member of Road Scholar‘s network of Lifelong Learning Institutes (LLIs). There are never any tests or pre-requisites and any homework is usually fun!

SPARK offers Four Quarters Per Year

  • Winter (mid-Jan thru Feb)
  • Spring (Mid-March thru April)
  • Summer (Month of June)
  • Fall (Mid-Sept thru Oct)
SPARK membership opens the door to all classes, tours and clubs!

There is a variety of humanities-based lectures, classes and events led by content experts.

  • Art
  • Music
  • History
  • Current Events
  • Local Guided Tours
  • Book Clubs
  • Social Groups

 SPARK also has options for how you can access your classes!

Many SPARK classes and lectures are “hybrid”, meaning that you can attend in person at our office location or via Zoom.

Hybrid classes and lectures are also recorded. The recordings are made available to those enrolled to enjoy when it is convenient!

No need to miss class if something else comes up.



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