SPARK Flossie Pack Center for Lifelong Learning
Inclement Weather Policy

SPARK's Inclement Weather Policy
(Is class cancelled?)

SPARK generally follows UMKC’s lead regarding inclement weather. If UMKC cancels classes, then SPARK will not hold classes or tours and an attempt will be made to reschedule. If UMKC moves to remote operations, SPARK will hold classes via Zoom only. Attempts to contact class or tour participants via email will be made and a notice added to our website and social media channels.

The hybrid structure of most of our classes allows individual members to choose how to participate in a class so that they are safe and comfortable. We urge members who are concerned about weather or road conditions on a day when classes are held to stay at home and connect via Zoom or wait for the email containing the private YouTube recording link (24 to 48 hours after class is complete).

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