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Frequently Asked Questions

We invite you to attend a single class, program, or outing of your choice – the sophistication of our offerings will surprise you! Email for information.

SPARK is a volunteer run organization and depends on dedicated individuals who give generously of their time. SPARK can benefit from your passion and talents! Please complete the Volunteer Interest Form for opportunities. You can also help support SPARK with a donation to support our efforts, classes, and community events. You can also contact us by emailing or calling 816-235-2870.

Hybrid classes are generally recorded and that recording is uploaded using an unlisted link to YouTube. All class members with an active email address will receive an email containing the unlisted YouTube link to the recording within 24 to 48 hours after the class is complete. Questions about recordings can be sent to

Sign up online, print and fill out our registration form to send in, give us a call, or email us at

The health of our members is our top priority, and SPARK remains in compliance with all relevant CDC, Federal, State, local and UMKC guidelines.

Starting in the Fall of 2021, most classes are available in a “hybrid” format; members can choose to attend in-person or via Zoom to allow participation for members with mobility or distance barriers and those concerned about the COVID19 variants.

Members attending in-person events and classes need to know the following (updated 4/6/2022):

  1. Members must be fully vaccinated to attend classes in-person. When members attend classes, they are telling other members that they are fully vaccinated per current CDC recommendations including boosters.
  2. Class enrollments will be limited only by the number of chairs in the classroom. Students will not be separated from each other per “social distancing” standards.
  3. Because UMKC is no longer requiring that masks be worn on campus, SPARK is allowing individuals to assess their own risk and make their own decision regarding wearing masks. Those uncomfortable with this should access classes via Zoom.
  4. If you are not feeling well for any reason, please stay home and watch the class on Zoom if that is an option.
  5. If conditions change before or during the current quarter, these guidelines may be altered to conform with the rules of UMKC or the recommendations of local public health authorities.

Annual dues: $40
Classes: $25-30
KC Gems/Tours: costs vary

SPARK accepts CASH, CHECK and CREDIT CARD (though the PayPal platform- you do not need a PayPal account to use this feature).

SPARK generally follows UMKC’s lead regarding inclement weather. If UMKC cancels classes, then SPARK will not hold classes or tours and an attempt will be made to reschedule. If UMKC moves to remote operations, SPARK will hold classes via Zoom only. Attempts to contact class or tour participants via email will be made and a notice added to our website and social media channels.

The hybrid structure of most of our classes allows individual members to choose how to participate in a class so that they are safe and comfortable. We urge members who are concerned about weather or road conditions on a day when classes are held to stay at home and connect via Zoom or wait for the email containing the private YouTube recording link (24 to 48 hours after class is complete).

SPARK offers high quality classes on a wide range of topics are taught by knowledgeable and experienced volunteer instructors with a passion for teaching adult students. 

  • Local Museum Tours
  • Historical Sites
  • Quarterly Member events to meet with fellow members and preview upcoming classes
  • Special interest group meetings (including book clubs and the Let’s Eat Out Group that meets weekly at various Kansas City area restaurants

As of Fall of 2021, most classes will be presented in a “hybrid” format allowing members to attend in-person or via Zoom to allow participation for members with mobility or distance barriers and those concerned about the COVID-19 variants. The health of our members is our top priority!

In addition, hybrid classes will be recorded and made available to those who pay to participate for a minimum of 6 months after the date of the last class for that quarter. This allows those enrolled to review materials or miss a class without the fear of falling behind!

Unless otherwise noted, all face to face classes are held at 4825 Troost Avenue in room 112.

University regulations require everyone parking on campus on an irregular basis (like SPARK) to have a parking pass. This includes those with handicapped parking. The fee is $3 per day for SPARK members. The permit enables you to park in any lot on the UMKC campus.

You may purchase a hang tag to be placed on the rear view mirror facing the front windshield. You will need one for each day you will be in class. You may pre-order your Parking Tags for the number of days you will need to use it. Please refer to the SPARK Class Catalog for more information about parking for SPARK classes.

You may also purchase metered parking using the AMP Parking App which you can download to your smart phone by searching your App Store. This app allows you to park for your desired amount of time in the spots designated for metered parking and will even send you an alert if your time is about to expire! Cost is $1.25 per hour.

Being a part of SPARK has changed my life
Mary Ann Smith

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